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Do you dream of having a whiter and brighter smile? Our Las Vegas teeth whitening procedure can transform your smile in just one hour!

How does it work?
We offer in-office laser teeth whitening procedures to help you achieve your most beautiful smile. In less than one hour, your teeth will be more than eight shades lighter, and you’ll be beaming with pride.

Is it safe?
Laser teeth whitening is completely safe and offers results that the do-it-yourself kits available for home use just can't compare to. The whitening procedure is performed in a dental office with a certified dentist ensuring that you receive the results you want.

Can I choose how white I want my teeth?
Yes—you’ll have complete control over the entire procedure! It’s up to you how white you want your teeth to be. Over time, as coffee, tea, and other foods begin to discolor your teeth once again, you can come back for another teeth-whitening procedure. 

Is the procedure painful?
No, not at all! Some patients may experience minor sensitivity after their appointment, but it is generally minimal and entirely temporary.

If you want a quick, easy, and affordable way to whiten your teeth, this is it! Call today to schedule your appointment.  


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