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What are dentures?
Dentures are removable replacement teeth. They may also replace the surrounding oral tissues. We offer full and partial dentures, depending on our patients’ needs.



How will I know if I need full or partial dentures?
If all of the teeth need to be removed and replaced, then our dentist will recommend full dentures. If only some of the teeth are in need of removal, then partial dentures may be an option.

What is the difference between conventional and immediate dentures?
Immediate dentures can be worn immediately after the teeth have been removed, while conventional dentures require a two- to three-month waiting period. While it may seem that immediate dentures are the more desirable option, they often require more tinkering to get the fit just right.

Are there alternatives?
If you have good oral health, we may recommend dental implants in place of dentures. When you meet with your dentist, all of the applicable oral health options will be discussed.


What are dentures?

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